Hi, I'm Eldis

Educator, Coach, Author and Cardiovascular Perfusionist, CCP.

My mission is to help you thrive in health and life by empowering you to heal yourself and your relationships. Throughout my medical career I noticed that many patients who presented with heart disease also struggled with anxiety, depression and stress.

Often I’d hear stories of otherwise physically healthy individuals falling into addictions or commiting suicide.These experiences showed me that there was more to the body and mind than Western medicine professed. There was something missing. I realized that true wellness was not attainable through mere diets, exercises and the occasional medical intervention.

Real healing requires that we identify and resolve the root cause of what ails us. We must address the mindsets, inner wounds and self limiting beliefs that keep us from the life and relationships we deserve. My personal story of healing led me to become a life coach and establish Hearts On The Table Youth Nonprofit Organization.

For years I’ve worked as a Cardiovascular Perfusionist, stopping hearts and keeping patients alive during open heart surgery.

One night I was called in for a heart transplant. Nothing was different about that night except the donated heart. I was informed that it belonged to a fifteen-year-old girl. I’ll call her Jane.

Like other young girls, Jane had dreams, aspirations, and longed to be loved and accepted. Instead, she was bullied, told she was ugly and that she didn’t belong. Teased through social media and at school during the day, she longed for night fall so the pain would subside. It was the only time she found peace. As we transplanted her heart that night, I knew she had chosen eternal sleep as the end to her torment.

It was all too familiar. It reminded me of another little girl, the one I had buried years ago. The one who had been molested by a neighbor and told she was ugly, unworthy and unlovable. The little girl who struggled into adolescence and tried twice to end her own suffering as Jane had.

The only difference between Jane and me is that I survived.

Stories like these have become commonplace in our society. In my years of medical practice, I have discovered that no matter how many medications, surgeries, or psychotherapies are given, too many people just don’t get better. They suffer in silence, succumb to addictions, and make final decisions like suicide.

Your story may differ from mine. You may have experienced painful inner wounds as a child, in adolescence or adulthood. These wounds may present as rejection, loneliness, loss, trauma, guilt, shame, failure or low self esteem. Personally, I know if left untreated these wounds will affect our health and sever relationships.

Dozens of studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends, and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer.

But what if we don’t love ourselves? What if we carry around toxic beliefs that isolate us? What if we feel unworthy of love and belonging?

Through one-on-one coaching, groups and workshops, I teach people to heal their old stories and transcend the barriers that keep them from experiencing healthy relationships with themselves and others.

“The quality and longevity of our lives is a direct result of our relationships with self and others.”

Transformational Life Coach


The seeds of emotional suffering are often planted in us at an early age.

Our beliefs about ourselves and our place in the world get programmed in childhood and dictate a large part of our health and happiness.

To heal we must shine a light on our shadowy parts and integrate them.


Realize you are more than your body, thoughts or beliefs.

More than your past successes and failures. More than a present illness or a number on a scale.

You are an infinite being full of potential to make a difference in this life starting with your own.


Uncover your dreams and passions and share them with the world.

Use your talents in service of others, share your ideas, your voice but most importantly your presence.

Using your signature strengths daily leads to authentic happiness and a feeling of fulfillment.

If I’ve learned one thing all these years working in heart surgery is the precious gift of time. Our time here is valuable, let’s stop wasting our lives living in silent desperation. It’s time to uncover the truth.

Have you allowed childhood trauma, divorce or other life events create blockages in your life?

It’s time to put an end to self-sabotage and self-loathing. Do you struggle with healthy interpersonal connections, boundaries or self-love?

I invite you to heal. To reveal your loving, resilient, beautiful, strong, and authentic self.

I believe that at our best, we’re meant to love our lives and make a positive impact with the gifts we are given. No matter what your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to change your life and, by doing so, you’ll change the world.


Are you ready to transform your relationships with yourself and others?

Hearts On The Table Youth Non-Profit

Our mission is to guide teens to heal, communicate more effectively, embrace self-love and make integrity-based decisions. Our interactive program provides mentorship, life skills training, resources and emotional literacy.

Our Objective

Hearts On The Table Inc is a youth non profit program for teens ages 13-18.

Our main objective is to provide a safe space where youth can heal and discuss the challenges they encounter.

Developing Youth

We strive to build a foundation on which they can grow their confidence, worthiness and self esteem. At HOTT we guide our youth in developing boundaries and finding their voice.

Besides providing these learning skills to mentees, the HOTT program also ensures each youth benefits from the many social, community, and extracurricular activities planned.

Through workshops, open forums, projects and community service activities, we aim to empower youth to develop their strengths, leadership abilities and live up to their highest potential.

Every day in America, 1,995 youth are arrested, 126 for violent crimes, 248 for drug related crimes, 1,832 high school students drop out, 2,054 teen pregnancies happen and 6 youth commit suicide.

Nonprofit Youth Services During Social Distancing

Teen Group Coaching

Virtual group coaching that invites reflection, personal conversations, and safe space for connection.

Guest Speaking

Professional and Expert guided presentations on topics of empowerment and success.

Teen Workshops

Engaging virtual activities/exercises that focus on self-love, communication building, and positive decision making.

Emotional Literacy

Life Skills Training

Tools of Empowerment

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Mentorship Programs
Confidence Camp
Community Service
Scholarships For Trauma Counseling

Ways to Support

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Get Involved

Make a difference in a teens life while having Fun!

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